"Don't pick a job with great vacation time, Pick a career that doesn't need escaping from''

Sector:           Cyber security, Network design, Engineering, Information Technology, Consultancy

Location:       Various locations in South Wales, mainly Cardiff

Job type:       Contractual (semi-annual/Annual contracts)

Salary:           Negotiable

Experience:  Fresh graduates, Prior experience in similar field is an added advantage



  • Threat modelling through network architecture analysis, malware and associated threats. 

  • Network traffic analysis and network intrusion detection. 

  • Proactive system configurations and controls analysis, malware infection incidents and security product logs. 

  • Recommend appropriate and effective mitigation. 

  • To achieve overall system accreditation through information and reports relating to the solution.

  • Maintain currency in concepts of network security, tools and best practice. 

  • Technical guidance and consultancy during the incident response process.

  • Ensure all allotted tasks are satisfactorily completed as detailed or justification given to line management for the shortfall.


  • Maintain detailed technical knowledge and understanding of operating systems and network security, switching, routing/routing protocols, TCP/IP, Firewalls, WAN technologies, VPN, SIEM and IDS/IPS, and Encryption devices.

  • Previous experience of network based attack methodologies/tools and security incident response. 

  • Track record in Malware analysis to determine infection and propagation mechanisms. 

  • Latest knowledge of the external threat landscape and malware trends. 

  • Malware reverse engineering skills. 

  • Knowledge and understanding of cyber risk assessment concepts and methodologies.

  • Strong problem solving skills.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Previous background experience of managing stakeholders (Preferable). 


Job Description: Network Security Analyst

Job Nature: Online, VPN Network, Work from home

Salary: Negotiable + added benefits + TA/DA allowances

Job type: Annual contract based

Date posted: 1st June 2018



Working experience as an IT security analyst or consultant on different projects.


  • Consult with clients on IT security systems and security practices.

  • Overview and implementation of ISO 27001 compliance standards.

Skills Required:

  • Excellent working knowledge of administering ISO 27001 compliance standards.

  • Sound FSA or FCA requirements knowledge.

  • IT and Firewall security know how.


Interested candidates should please send their CV at earliest. Consider CV as not progressed in case of no response within a weeks time, however, Your CV will remain in our database for consideration during future opportunities.


Job Reference: ATMS JOB/ 75336



For application, Please send you CV and other supporting documents (if any) to the company e-mail address mentioned. In case of further information and queries, please feel free to contact us.