ATMS CYBER SECURITIES UK LTD is an IT Computer System Security, Consultancy and network security company. We provide services related to Development & Designing of Computer Security and Networks for new businesses and related consultancy. We also provide Project Management and Research Techniques in Computing, Management of online services in computing, and Customisation and maintenance of security systems.

The company got incorporated under the Companies Act 2006, as a Private Company Limited by shares in England and Wales on 4th November 2013 and is operational since then.


Company will work across South Wales, with a primary focus on Cardiff, to accelerate clients’ growth in products, secure solutions, and services. The consulting practices will generate rapid growth on their own merit but also support growth of remediation activities performed by other business areas and partners.


Network & Security Consulting will follow pre-determined methods and processes to perform consulting studies consistently across the South Wales. We will share best practices with co-workers throughout the company. The Company will research for secure solution for appropriate network and virtualisation knowledge. 


Our society is becoming largely hooked on computer systems, which nowadays are used in daily life, from business to banking, and from entertainment to healthcare. Most of these systems are interconnected through the internet, which inherently is prone and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Attacks on these systems cause immense disruption at the very least, and may lead to severe financial or safety implications. Therefore, securing computer systems has become an integral part of system design, development and deployment.

“To make all sorts of businesses and individuals secure and satisfied by providing IT Computer System Security Consultancy and network security”